Below is a list of answers to questions we've received from customers, and is designed to help you find the appropriate set of EVT Wheels for your Tesla!

  • How long before my order will ship?
    • If when ordering, the specific size/color combination purchased is in stock, we will try to fulfill orders within 2-3 business days. If the products purchased are on backorder, then the shipping date will be relative to our restock. (We try and keep each product page up-to-date with the most current inventory information - refer to the product description section.)
  • Do I need any additional parts to install EVT wheels?
    • No!! EVT wheels are compatible with the lug nuts and TPMS sensors already on your car; the factory Tesla center caps can even be swapped from your existing wheels.
  • Do you provide OEM Tesla center caps?
    • No, the Tesla logo is a trademark of Tesla Motors. As a Tesla owner, you may purchase any of the equivalent color factory Tesla center caps directly from your local Service Center.
  • My factory lug nuts don't match your grey & black wheels, what do I do?
    • We recommend Tesla's OEM black lug nut covers for use with our Onyx Black and Metallic Grey wheels. You can order these items from your local Service Center, using part number: 1023838-00-A
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    • Yes. We offer a 5 Year Workmanship Warranty, and a lifetime Structural Warranty. The structural warranty will guarantee replacement of your wheel in the event of a structural failure caused by a manufacturing defect. Wheels damaged due to negligent driving or impact from road hazards will not be covered under the Workmanship or Structural Warranties. 

      PLEASE NOTE: Any wheel being claimed under warranty must be sent back to our US facility for inspection and testing.
    • Do your 20” wheels for Model 3 rub?
      • Our 20” wheel fitment for Model 3 has been extensively tested, and does not rub so long as the correct tire sizes are utilized in conjunction.
    • How will my range be affected by changing from factory wheels to the EVT wheel.
      • Range is a result of multiple factors. Perhaps the largest being the tire selection itself. We suggest for people focused on range to select a tire that is equal to or more efficient of a tread pattern and rubber compound as the factory tire and keeping the tires inflated to optimum manufacturer suggested PSI for maximum range. A softer rubber compound and more sporty tire, or a larger width tire in both circumstances will typically decrease range quite a lot. Secondarily, is the factor of wheel weight and design. The EVT turbine is on average 1-2lbs lighter in construction per wheel than other turbines in the market, this factor will help range comparatively. Depending on your vehicle and your factory wheel configuration the EVT wheel may be slightly less heavy or slightly more heavy. Exact answers are scientifically difficult to prove side by side due to temperature, road conditions, driver variances, tire PSI, and subtle variances between cars.
    • Do you have recommendations for matching tires?
      • The 19” version of the EVT wheel for Model 3 is designed to be compatible with the tires equipped on the OEM 19" Stiletto Wheel Set (Continental Procontact RX - 235/40/19). For the 20” version of the EVT wheel for Model 3, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S in 235/35/20 is what we recommend, as it has been used successfully already (we also expect this will be the factory-equipped tire on the forthcoming dual motor performance version of the Model 3. For Model S, the 19” version of the EVT will fit the tires included on the factory 19” split-spoke, Cyclone or Slipstream wheels. The 20” version of the EVT should work with 245/40/20 sized tires (Model S). For Model X please refer to the next question below.
    • Is the Model X-spec wheel width appropriate for my Model X?
      • We have matched our width and offset equal to the factory optional Model X cyclone wheel. The Tesla Model X optional Cyclone wheel is 19x8.5” wide and +35 offset front and rear. Tesla equips the factory Cyclone wheel with a 265/50/19 width tire front and rear. We advise equivalent tire sizes. Those sizes are 265/45/20 tire front and rear for 20” applications or 265/50/19 tires front and rear for 19” applications.
    • Do you have plans to offer Silver Model S / X wheel?
      • In effort to keep our prices surprisingly affordable we produce in high volume. If there is adequate demand it may be possible that we could produce this in the future. Please email us at sales@evwheeldirect.com to register your interest in this and/or any other application.
    • Do you offer TÜV certification / compliance documentation?
      • With regards to testing, as our ultimate goal is to help our fellow Tesla owners and enthusiasts purchase Turbine-style wheels at a fair price, and as the cost of TÜV compliance is extremely high and only required in a few countries worldwide, we have not completed the certification. We are open to the idea of having specific wheels tested, but we would need a large enough group of pre-paid orders from countries requiring TÜV certification to do so.
    • What is your return / refund policy?
      • Please refer to our Return / Refund Policy HERE