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Our goal is simple: to bring fairness and value to the pricing of classic turbine and roadster-style wheels for all Tesla models. With over 100,000 wheels sold, we have leveraged our relationships with some of the world's highest quality wheel manufacturers to bring you unbeatable value.

When you order EVWheel Direct you know you're getting remarkable aftermarket wheels.

We offer the industry-leading Ludicrous Lifetime Guarantee, which includes not just a quality guarantee, but a generous return policy, and a lifetime wheel warranty you can count on for a zero-risk purchase.

EVWheelDirect makes it easy for all Tesla owners to have their dream wheels now.

Legacy Designs
Available for all models, these have been our best selling wheels for years. Pick from your favorite of 3 colors.
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Show off the aerodynamic engineering of the world's quickest production car, FINALLY available for every Tesla Model!
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Browse our product lineup to see why EV Wheel Direct is the leader in delivering classic designs at unbelievable prices.

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EV Wheel Direct is the premier classic Tesla wheel design supplier in the world.
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