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Michelin Tire for 20inch Model 3 EVT Wheel Set

20" Complete Set of 4 "Square" Fitment (all 4 tires the same size - 235/35/20) only $1180.00! 

20" Complete Set of 4 "Staggered" Fitment (2x Front Tires - 235/35/20 wide + 2x Rear Tires - 275/30/20) only $1230.00! 

Many customers have inquired regarding an appropriate tire match for their 20" EVT Wheel Sets. As Tesla has used Michelin as their choice performance tires for the Model S for several years, we've had quite a lot of exposure and positive results with Michelin products.

As a result, we've been regularly recommending the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S to our customers in the 235/35/20 size for "square" configurations (same sized wheel and tire on all four corners), which has been tested and used successfully by Ben @ Teslanomics on his Model 3. It was also recently confirmed that this specific tire was chosen by Tesla as the OEM option for the forthcoming dual motor Model 3.

For customers who purchase our 20x8.5" + 20x10" EVT wheel combination, we're also offering a "staggered" 235/35/20 Front, 275/30/20 Rear combination. The wider rear tire offers increased traction and improved handling over the 235/35/20 fitment.


  • Is the load rating for this tire appropriate for my Model 3?

    • The particular Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire we are offering has a load rating of 1,389lbs per tire (5,556lbs total). The Model 3 Long Range model is reported to weigh 3,838lbs (curb weight), so for the purpose of load ratings, the weight is well within the capabilities of this tire (even accounting for the Model 3's GVWR of 4806lbs)